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Find out what we’re learning about how to create the most impact for our investment, and how farmers can have the best benefits for their efforts.

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Beyond Productivity: Delivering on Food and Nutrition Security in a Changing Climate
Since CARE aims to make 50 million people more food secure and resilient to climate impacts by 2020. To meet this goal, CARE’s focuses Beyond Productivity in our work with local and global food systems.

Ensuring Sustainability
This report draws from 193 evaluations across CARE between 2013-2017 to examine best of our results in sustainability.

Return on Investment for FFBS
According to communities in Ghana, Malawi, and Mali, the Pathways program generated $158 million worth of benefits in their lives. That’s $31 of benefit for every $1 the project spent working with them.

FNS - Agriculture Models

Agriculture Models

Sustainable techniques increase food production and income for farmers.

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Bui Thi Thanh of Vietnam said,"I am very busy now because I started seeding for a new water rice crop. I don’t mind working hard outdoor in this chilly weather, because I believe my effort will turn into a successful crop with high yield and high profit."

FNS - Agriculture Models

Agriculture Partnerships

Take a look at who we work with.

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Sebastian Soares, 38 years, with his eggplant crop, planted as part of CARE's Healthy Villages program in Timor-Leste.

FNS - Agriculture Models

Agriculture Projects

CARE runs 394 agriculture projects around the world.

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A photograph of Emily Makalipeni, 22 years old, taken among her crops in Sakonzeka Village, Dowa District, Malawi. Emily was a CARE volunteer and Farmer-to-Farmer Trainer.