Sustainable Economic Publications

Find out what we’re learning about how to create change across a range of market actors so that the poorest families can access the markets they need to create opportunities for themselves.

Our Publications

Beyond Productivity: Delivering on Food and Nutrition Security in a Changing Climate
Since CARE aims to make 50 million people more food secure and resilient to climate impacts by 2020. To meet this goal, CARE’s focuses Beyond Productivity in our work with local and global food systems.

Collectives Research
Collectives are a fundamental building block for much of CARE’s work. We combined data from many CARE collectives to find the greatest strengths of a collectives approach across projects.

Ensuring Sustainability
This report draws from 193 evaluations across CARE between 2013-2017 to examine our results in sustainability.

FNS - Sustainable Economies Models

Economic Models

CARE connects families to market systems to improve their economic options.

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"My family and I started out farming with a little livestock such as chickens and cows. My husband then decided to sell our crops at the market, since he knew we could earn more as it’s the trade centre. Then I heard of LAMAC microfinance cooperative."

FNS - Sustainable Economies Models

Economic Partnerships

Take a look at who we work with.

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Bhavani is a single mother working in a handloom center in Sri Lanka. Through the partnership with CARE and the H&M Foundation she is being provided with technical and design skills in handloom weaving, as well as in managing a business.

FNS - Sustainable Economies Models

Economic Projects

CARE runs 565 economic empowerment projects around the world.

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Tusaidiane basket-making artisan at a Gender Equality & Women’s Empowerment Program in Zanzibar