El Niño

Southern Africa Food Crisis

Southern Africa has experienced its worse drought in years as a result of El Nino. The drought has destroyed crops and harvests leaving 28 million people in need of emergency food assistance. Malawi is one of the hardest hit countries.

The human face of the drought

See the effects of El Nino in Mozambique through the lens of hunger.

Tracking El Niño

Check out our interactive map below, highlighting the worst El Niño on record – and CARE’s efforts to counter it.

El Niño and CARE’s Response

El Niño will have a severe impact on access to water and food security in several countries. Learn how CARE is responding.

El Nino Feed

Read about the effects of El Nino

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El Niño: “Everything has changed”

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El Niño: More than 20 million to be affected

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El Niño and CARE’s Response

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Massive Malnutrition in Ethiopia

Urgent Need for Support as Drought Affects Millions

El Niño will have a severe impact on access to water and food security in several countries. Learn about those affected and how CARE is responding.

Millions will have no food in coming months

A widespread drought is severely impacting Ethiopia, leaving millions of people without enough to eat. CARE has classified Ethiopia as a “Type 4” crisis; the most severe on its emergency scale.

What's Happening with El Niño?

Extreme weather from the most severe El Niño on record already has affected millions of people around the world. From drought and cyclones to flooding and forest fires, its effects destroy crops and livelihoods, threaten water supplies and levy lasting hardships on millions of people, particularly the poorest households, which are vulnerable even in normal weather.

We expect that El Niño will affect at least 20 million people in the countries where we work. CARE staff and partners are working hard to help families and communities prepare for and respond to the historic effects of the current El Niño. Our interactive map highlights some of those efforts. So click, hover and learn more about the problems El Niño spawns and the solutions that form our response.