Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew

This is the second strongest storm to ever make landfall in Haiti. CARE needs your help to provide relief.

Cuba Braces for Impact

CARE’s team in Cuba is on alert as Hurricane Matthew heads north after battering vulnerable communities in Haiti. 

CARE Responds to Hurricane Matthew

One of the most powerful hurricanes in recent years has hit Haiti, bringing 145mph winds, heavy rain and dangerous storm surges.

CARE is responding to this devastating storm with clean drinking water, food assistance and emergency supplies such as tarps for shelter, blankets and hygiene kits. CARE is currently providing meals to hundreds of people in evacuation shelters.

As one of the largest humanitarian agencies in Haiti, CARE has staff dispersed throughout the country ready to respond. CARE has also deployed staff to Grand Anse, one of the most remote areas of Haiti, which will be difficult to access now that Hurricane Matthew has made landfall.

For seven decades, CARE has been providing emergency aid in times of crisis. Please donate today and help us continue to provide relief to those affected by this crisis.CARE Responds to Hurricane Matthew

How CARE Works In Emergencies