Kathy Fortmann

President, Cargill Business Services

Kathy Fortmann is the President of Friesland Campina Ingredients. Prior to joining Friesland Campina on October 1 2017, Ms. Fortmann was president of Cargill Business Services (CBS). She joined Cargill in 2005 in Wayzata, Minnesota and in 2007; she relocated to Belgium as Vice President of Global Polyols and Dextrose within Cargill’s Health and Nutrition Division. She was appointed to lead CBS after a successful tenure as business leader of Starches & Sweeteners Europe in the Food Ingredients and Systems Platform. Kathy has a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemical Engineering from Tulsa University and an MBA at Washington University. She started her career in E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Co. in research and engineering in the United States and has subsequently worked in different senior management roles, both in technology as well as in sales and marketing, in the US, Switzerland and Germany. After sixteen years at DuPont she continued her career at Cargill Incorporated where she was General Manager of the Health & Nutrition business in Europe and the Managing Director of the Starches & Sweeteners business in Europe, based in Belgium. During the past three years of her twelve year career at Cargill she was President of Cargill’s global Business Services organization, based in The Netherlands. She joined CARE’s Board in 2016.